Hani Ishem: Sustainable Tourism in Ishem.

ishemEco Centre in Ishem is the coordination point for environmental protection and regional promotion projects of Tirana Ekspres. And since summer 2015 a small guesthouse, hosting travellers and activists.
Our Ishem Eco Centre is a new 2013/14 sustainable environmental project organised by Tirana Ekspres. During last years establishing of the house, this years focus is on sustainable tourism in the region, as our Eco Camp Atlantid Beach is doing aswell. Tourists that visit the region should be introduced in the village-culture and the huge potential of the beautiful nature.

Hani Ishem: Sustainable Tourism in Ishem.

“Come to Ishem and be our guest in Hani Ishem Eco Centre. There are mountains to climb, wild forests to hide in, lakes and the sea just a walk away. Listen to nature talking and findout about the local people`s way of living.”

Our old and cozy house is located perfectly to enjoy great views all around. We will prepare and serve very frsh, local and natural foods for you – grown in our own garden or from neighbours we cooperate with. For the night you can choose between a bed in our (6-bed)dorm or a tent under old olive trees in our wide garden. One night is 1500 lek per person and includes homemade dinner and breakfast. Upon request you can book guided tours, rent cars or bicycles, join in for a yoga class, visit a local organic winery. Come and discover!
The goal of the Ishem Eco House project is to confront and tackle the damage caused to the Rodon Cape from human waste and abuse. There are three stages we are looking to develop with the Rodon Cape conservation work.

1) Document and describe the kind of damage that exists along the Rodon Cape.

2) Develop a strategy/funding proposal for conservation and protection of the Rodon Cape.

3) Implement & maintain the conservation strategy.

Volunteers working on the project will be also housed at our Ishem Eco Centre.

We would like to welcome you in Ishem, to show and explore you more!

Questions, Ideas and Reservations: info@tiranaekspres.com

Contact Number: +355 (0)692193173



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